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OpinionX analyses 100’s of similar cases and taps the expertise of specialist doctors from the best hospitals across the globe, to provide you with one consolidated second opinion that you can confidently trust.

3 Easy Steps to Get The Best Second Opinion

Anyone can access the best doctors from around the world and an innovative
healthcare technology to get the most accurate medical diagnosis on the planet.

Upload Your Reports

Upload your recent investigation reports in the form of JPEG or PDF document.

We Analyze

Using the best diagnostic protocols, a comprehensive analysis of your case is done by our expert panel of doctors and The AI analyzer

Get Second Opinion

You receive a consolidated & the best possible second opinion within 72 hours

Power of Artificial Intelligence

Our AI engine analyzes 100's of similar cases thus giving an advantage to maintain uniformity in results & minimize human error in diagnosing the condition, which will ultimately benefit in providing an accurate opinion every time.

Experience of Specialist Doctors

Our panel consist of the best doctors in their respective fields, from around the world. Together they provide a consolidated opinion to help you make confident & informed decisions about your health.

An Opinion Based On A Holistic View

John Doe

I am 45 years old
I am a Male
I weigh 76 kgs

Health Status

Lifestyle & Habits

We consider your work lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping schedule & other habits such as smoking etc

Medical History

We scan through your past medical history, lifestyle ailments & medications

Family History

We also consider family/hereditary data to identify patterns & characteristics

Before you upload

What is a second opinion?
A second opinion is when a doctor other than your primary treating doctor gives you his or her view about your health problem and how to treat it. It can help you make a more informed decision about your disease.
What are the investigation reports to be uploaded?
Kindly upload your case specific reports. We prefer reports from accredited laboratories and diagnostic centers. Examples:
  • 1. Pathology Reports: Blood Reports, Urine reports, Stool report, FNAC report, Biopsy report, Allergy testing report, etc.
  • 2. Radiology films and/or reports: X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound/ Sonography (USG), Dye studies, etc.
  • 3. PET scan
  • 4. ECG, Stress test, Angiography
  • 5. Pulmonary function test (PFT)
  • 6. Any other reports

NOTE: collective size of the uploads should not exceed 25 MB.

What is consolidated opinion?
A panel of experts together give a single refined and accurate opinion by judging all the pros and cons.
What will be your tentative response time?
A response will be generated in 72 hours.
Will you be actually treating the patient?
NO. The opinions, advice and information being given by our expert doctors are only to make you understand about your health condition and best available treatment options etc. It doesn’t constitute a direct medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription.
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